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Ask Yourself... Will You Personally Boom or Bust in the next financial meltdown?


Fortunes will be made or lost in the next economic crisis. And one is coming. No one can tell you exactly when, which is why you need to be prepared in advance.

Make no mistake, Australia and the world is deteriorating at a rapid pace.  We are now already in unprecedented times and unchartered waters 

Just watch the news. There are wars and chaos everywhere. We are already in the middle of a global economic, social and political upheaval and by every account it is only set to get worse in the coming months and years ahead.

Despite what the politicians, corporate leaders and bureaucrats tell you through the media (which they control), we are heading into some very financially dangerous and difficult times.

It already begun but you can still choose. Do you want to boom or bust in these coming uncertain times? Most people think they are adequately prepared but this is not so. Most people are confused, and certainly don’t know what to do. 

We are entering the end of a very long term economic cycle. To survive and thrive you must act and take steps now protect yourself and your family, become informed, be prepared for what lies ahead.

There is still time. If you do some simple things now, you can navigate these uncertain economic, political and societal dangers. Taking steps now will give the opportunity to remain free full of positive choices about the life you wish to live.

Why Are We In This Imminent Danger?

We now are witnessing the biggest debt bubble in Australian history and at the same time the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world. To make matters worse we have out of control public officials implementing radical economic policies. This debt bubble encompasses an over enlarged financial system full of financial sharks and predators and at the same time weak and incompetent regulators. This is recipe made for large financial losses in many cases like we have never seen before.

Why should you care ?

Few people, even well educated people in finance,   truly understand the full-range of risks that they are exposed to … and …they have never been higher.

The world was already on a massive debt and deficit spending spree not only since the 2008 GFC but well before it. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic however kicked the global debt bubble into high gear and has resulted in runaway high inflation across both the developed and developing world. It is not under control no matter what the goverment and media try to lead you to believe.

It is Not Going To End Well.

The cost of living for many people around the world, including Australians, is already out of control with the cost of food, housing (especially rent) and energy impacting the living standards of millions.

We are told inflation is down now around 3 %. This number is rigged. The real experience for most Australians however is much worse than what the government and its institutions are trying to convince you.

Australia is currently in the biggest bubble in its history at the same time we are in the biggest bubble in the history of the world. I have been ringing the alarm bells since 2016 including via this Economic Armageddon series in 2018.

Record Levels of Risk Are Now Putting Your Financial Future In Potential Peril

The massive global debt together with complex financial wizardry (for example derivatives) fuelled by these ultra low interest rates has raised risks for both individual assets as well as the system as a whole.

Add this with together with mass propaganda (especially from government officials) and investor mania, has led to millions of Australians allocating large sums of their financial capital (in some cases their life savings) into over inflated and risky asset classes.

Few people were warning of the dangers that this ‘party’ will someday end very soon.

That time is here now.
And if you are at all concerned, it’s time to act and change course.

BUT there is a problem. Very few people know what to do, and fewer even know where to look to get the help and advice they need to save themselves from the destruction that is just around the corner.

A Financial Nightmare is Here.

Millions of Australians are walking unaware into a financial nightmare of stagflation, which includes eye watering debt, out of control cost of living pressures, rising interest rates and a rapidly slowing economy.

For those especially who borrowed money during the COVID-19 pandemic at record low interest rates, they will be financially smashed.

The establishment (especially the RBA Governor) keeps assuring you that everything is fine and that Australian households have adequate financial buffers to weather the storm.

This however is largely untrue. Independent data sources and anecdotal stories suggest that Australians are doing it extremely tough at the moment and its likely to only get tougher.

The current economic predicament should not be of any surprise to people who have been following my work, given that I publicly warned as early as 2016 of the risks resulting from the largest Australian and global debt bubbles in recorded human history.

Economic Policy Makers Are Now Trapped

Governments and policy makers have a choice to make – and neither option is a good one.

Do they continue the fight against inflation by raising interest rates and risk a new global financial crisis and economic depression through either a credit or liquidity risk event?

Or do they surrender to inflation in order to keep this enormous debt bubble and shaky financial system going?

Either choice is going to result in extreme hardship for billions of people across the world.

They Won't Save You - You Must Save Yourself

How much hardship Australians will experience will be dependent on what extent individuals have understood current and future economic conditions and have taken action, and made adequate preparations to protect themselves and their families.

How High WIll Interest Rate Go?

In an attempt to restore credibility, central banks are trying to address the inflation crisis by aggressively withdrawing their monetary stimulus and by raising interest rates, effectively ending quantitative easing and commencing quantitative tightening.

But what has this done and continue to do?

In the past 3 months alone, we have seen the most rapid collapse in asset prices with over US $33 trillion loss in the value of global shares, over $2 trillion in cryptocurrencies and trillions lost in across the global bond and property markets.

More To Come

As interest rates continue to soar quickly and aggressively, real estate assets, especially in economies with major household debt bubbles like Australia, are likely to tumble as available cheap credit dries up.

Property investors will run for the exit and heavy indebted home owners will be forced to put their property on the market in a forced liquidation.

It is legal for them to lie to you.

On top of this, you are being lied to by the very people you are supposed to trust.

Many people are shocked to hear this but… the economics profession is one of the most corrupt professions in Australia.

No licencing, no professional standards, no accountability. This has resulted in the concealment of massive conflicts of interests and ‘cash for comment’ behaviour.

Mainstream economists are allowed to say and do whatever they want and no one will ever hold them to account.

Bank economists, property economists and government economists push the interests of their own sectors. A completely bias view and does not serve you at all but…

It makes them very rich.

In several instances, economists hide their income sources and commercial relationships through confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements.

The promise by the RBA governor not to raise interest rates until 2024 is a classic example of an economist lying by openly encouraging the public to support what was obviously already property and debt bubbles.

The current ‘sudden’ rising interest rate cycle has subsequently burned thousands of people in the process and yet the RBA Governor will not accept any accountability.

And to make matter worse the internet is packed with ‘so-called’ economic gurus, many of them have been exposed to be unethical charlatans but due to weak government regulators still continue who rip people off.

Many of these so-called gurus have created economic and legal fictions in order to make money from you, but are devoid of facts and which have no real-world practical effect.

This confuses the public and pushes them into making very bad financial decisions.

Such false and misleading practices may include things such as:

    • Simply not speaking about certain sensitive economic topics by pure omission;
    • Lying about the current state of things or providing false explanations of observed phenomenon;
    • Changing definitions; and
    • Skewing or manipulating data.
Just to name just a few

But It Is You Who Pays the Price? When catastrophic mistakes becomes a reality

Lies, Deceit and Deception

Today we live in world of deceit, lies and deception. It’s everywhere and all around you. Amazingly, characters such as the Wolf of Wall Street have glorified criminality.

So what do you do?

How can you navigate this ‘new normal’ landscape to make the right decisions?

What information can you rely on to determine what is real and what is false and avoid getting caught out in some else’s agenda in a web of lies and deceit?

How then do you practically implement this information?

It is a real problem, and so in knowing this I have made it my goal and life’s mission to seek the truth in everything, and help explain from an economic point of view – what is really happening.

Why is this important?… so we don’t get caught out, wrong footed, or sold into a false narrative and can be prepared for what lies ahead.

But we cannot be prepared unless we are provided with or have access to an objective/trusted view, verse being exposed to all of the misinformation and propaganda that now pervades our lives everywhere we look.

If you don’t watch the news – you will be Uninformed. If you do watch the news – you will be Misinformed.

Consequences of the Lies

We now live in a country and a world in decline with people (and governments) everywhere drowning in debt with surging inflation. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic compounded our national economic problems.

As a result, many ordinary people are now and many more will join them struggling financially, and suffering emotionally. Mortgage and rental stress are at an all-time high and rising.

Relationships and families are breaking down, mental health problems are increasing and children are doing worse in school.
Its sad that most poor financial decisions result from a non-existent or poor understanding of economics and believing what you are told.

People are victims, falling for financial scams that have cost them, in some cases, their life savings.

Growing greed has led to either people owning defective properties or properties which were promised to be constructed, but have been left languishing.

Long Live Propaganda

How has this all happened?

Our once trusted news sources have been hijacked, slowly at first but then seemingly all at once.

Mass propaganda (combined with censorship) has taken its place, by those in power – politicians, big business, governments, power mad bureaucrats, in collusion with mainstream and social media barons.

This has lead to mass fear and confusion – many people not knowing what to believe or are completely misinformed making very bad decisions. And in some cases fatal financial choices.

Australians have been encouraged for the last 50 years to ‘get rich’ to buy property – with property prices seemingly defying gravity – never going down. Central banks have been the key players in this by consistently lowering interest rates, encouraging more and more people to borrow and spend, with seeming no future consequences.

Meanwhile commercial banks, governments and entire industries themselves getting rich off this continued propagation, putting the average Australian in great danger.

But now…The chickens are now coming home to roost.

So Who Can You Trust?

This is question you need to ask

… who serves your interests and that of the public?

Over the last 5 years I have dedicated my life towards discovering the truth and telling it like it is. I have been attacked, been called a conspiracy theorist, banned or censored on many social media platforms for simply speaking the truth.

Why is it that I appear to be the only Australian economist taking this approach?

It’s quite simple. Most economists work for a master. I don’t. I am not bought or owned by anyone.

Not the banks, not the media, not the government, not the property nor the financial sector.

I work for only myself and my family – protecting their interest above all.

As a trained economist and fanatical researcher, I am fortunate, I have managed to cut through all the lies and propaganda and see how things really are and successfully interpret what is going on.

How To Prepare For Economic Armageddon?

By preparing well and in advance I managed put myself into a very fortunate and strong financial position.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, know what was coming I made important life and health choices (i.e., not to take the vaccine) that I was compelled to make.

From the very start, I had a simple goal which was to ensure that my children wouldn’t experience any economic hardship or the ups and downs of the financial markets. I wanted to create a stable home environment which would give my children the best environment to flourish and grow. This is what every parent wants.

To achieve this goal, I made a series of very deliberate choices which have served me and many others now who follow me well.

Having successfully done this , I decided I want to be able to help you and others too not fall victim to things happening now out of your control.

I now want to open the opportunity to work with you, if this is what you would like, and help you achieve your goals using my economic, political and public policy expertise and knowledge that I have built up over two decades.

I want to be able to do this with integrity and well researched analysis.

Should this interest you and would like access to what I offer to a small exclusive group of people – who would like to secure their futures and follow my lead – this is now available to you.

By making this decision I am confident this too will put you in a superior position (rather than following the mainstream narrative), to help you weather this incredible storm that is brewing – and is here now.

Why The People’s Economist

I have been referred to as “the People’s Economist’ by others who follow my work.


Because my starting place for everything I do is to serve the interests of the public-at-large, my country and the world.

I don’t just use my talents and skills to conduct economic analysis and publish articles and commentate, but rather I use my abilities to bring real change that serves the interests of the people.

The way I do this is not random. Not only can I complete high quality fact-based insightful research, but I know how to push this research forward using parliamentary and legal processes to generate real outcomes.

I have no hidden agenda, I am not governed or told what to say or focus on by anyone. I am always only guided by what I think and what I believe are in the best interest of people like you.

I approach this my work with curiosity, honesty and fearless courage, only to back down if I wrong but certainly not if I am pressured by others whose self interest I am challenging in the process.

What you get is unbiased, well researched facts, points of view and education which has real world implications and impact with no other agenda but to present the truth and help you make sense of the world as it is today.

Why Have I Decided To Offer This Now?

Up until now I have been providing my commentary for free on social media channels and through my subscriber list.

Because I have been focused on other things, I had not considered how :

  • I could help people in a structured manner; and
  • how many people I could help actually help.

I also believed before I went ahead and did this it was critical that professionals like me with purported expertise need to spend time building up a credible track record demonstrating the value of their expertise first.

I have not only achieved this, but I also used my expertise for public good. I have already helped hundreds of people better navigate the economy by managing risks and avoiding traps as well as making real positive change in our laws and public policies.

With the work I have done over the past few years, I am now uniquely placed to assist a lot more people in a structured manner that makes financial sense for everyone.

Today I am Announcing The Adams Economics Private Weekly Update

Things are getting so bad now, that the time is right to help those of you that want my help to decipher and decode what’s really going on and set yourself up to to be ahead of the game and that gives you a chance at prosperity and good choices in this coming storm.

I want to help now you not only make sense of the world, but more importantly help guide you through it as your translator and perhaps coach (i.e. how to apply economics practically to your personal life so you are not caught by surprise).

This way, I can help you avoid the many traps and pitfalls on the road ahead and to help you and your family not only preserve your economic choices by being able to see more clearly and identify what threats and at the same time what great opportunities are available to you.

To do this in affordable way I have now made this accessible to everyone at a basic cost of just $12.39 per month.

The Adams Economics Private Weekly Update

My Adams Economics Private Weekly Update is now available for those of you who wish to learn and what is really going on and to receive the insights and economic advice I will provide exclusively to this inner circle group of members.

Should you make the decision today to join today, I want to thank you for joining me and trusting in me to be your guide. I look forward to being able to provide you with my weekly updates and insights  that will help you navigate these now extremely dangerous waters, preparing you, getting you and your fasmily ready for what is to come to perhaps thrive and survive well while others will be struggling.

My Adams Economics Private Weekly Updates will open your mind and help you navigate well in an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world

If you are at all concerned about:
  • The where the economy is heading;
  • Rising interest rates and falling or even exploding property prices;
  • The ongoing ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • The cost of energy;
  • Volatile financial markets;
  • Potential job losses;
  • Managing economic and other risks; and
  • Financial and investment scams

…and how this will impact you, your finances and future security of your family and need some help to work you way through this, here is your opportunity to join me each week and each month where I will help educate, coach and guide you through what will be a few very tough and messy years for many people.

Those people who are prepared will prosper and remain free to choose the life they wish to live. But many will be swept away with the tide, become severely impacted and find themselves far worse off. The past few years are a prime example of this.

Many decisions these people have made through no fault of their own sadly were wrong. They listened to the wrong people, the propaganda spewed out by governments, media and institutions who are full of supposedly credible people they thought they could trust.

The consequences to date and the negative consequences coming up for these people will be devastating.

They will wonder how they got there, with none of the people, institutions, or politicians assuring them things would ‘be great’, still around to hold accountable.

The establishment elite will be long gone and the people unprepared will be left with the financial consequences – which will not be pretty in many cases.

So What Can You Do?

You can do nothing of course or you can get some help to navigate these troubled times ahead.

Joining the Adams Economics Private Weekly Updates today, will give you that help and the knowledge to get ready, to make some important changes and be prepared.

This exclusive membership will ensure you do not to become a victim to misinformation, the fear and volatility, and allow you to become empowered, by learning and developing a plan that will not only allow you to survive these difficult times, but indeed allow to thrive and prosper.

The Best Investment

So the best investment you can make is to know where to go to find out what you need to know to survive and prosper and seek out the very best people who have been successful and are experts in these matters. Let them guide you through this impending minefield, to avoid the pitfalls and the traps.

What you get when you join my Private Weekly Updates

John will provide Adams Economics Members with the help and guidance you need, with forward looking updates and insights that will dramatically affect the way you understand the current global and Australian economy now affected by the rapid changing geopolitical environment so you can be prepared for the rocky road ahead.

His insights and analysis will be both Australian and global in nature – looking at major macro issues and trends such as global debt bubble, runaway inflation and interest rates (and how we are trapped in stagflation) as well as major micro issues focused on specific industries, markets, regulations, etc.

He will provide you a practical road map of how to apply economics in the real world, how to understand risk and what to do when something goes wrong.

He will show you week in week out evidence of how Australia (and the world more broadly) is headed into the political, economic and social abyss and how you should prepare in order to remain financially free and survive the current and upcoming upheaval.

Understanding of this is of critical importance.

If events over the past few years has taught us anything it is that as economic conditions are becoming more dire, establishment institutions such as government, corporations, unions and the media will become more desperate and extreme to preserve their political power and advance their financial interests all at your expense.

Powerful insights and guidance you will receive when you become an Adams Economics Member

  • A Full Economic Overview – John Adams research and insights unbiased independent overview and economic analysis of the Australian and international economy. This will break down clearly and highlight the essential trends that you will need to be prepared for what is ahead.
  • Subscribers will be get an in depth analysis immediately and directly from John Adams and his team of researchers into key economic and public policy issues
  • You will get Real Time Updates via text or telegram, to give you breaking information which you may need to act on immediately.
  • Latest economic news and analysis.
  • Political and current affairs/market intelligence;
  • Specific economic/political/public affairs forecasts;
  • Prepared case studies; and
  • Practical step-by-step guides on how to implement the information/ advice presented.

Also important:

  1. Current affairs;
  2. Behavioural analysis;
  3. Information analysis;
  4. Risk management; and
  5. Legal analysis.


Now you can become an Adams Economics Member - just $12.39 pm

As I said – it is my goal and life’s mission is to serve the public interest and bring you the truth and help explain from a financial and economic point of view what is really happening. Why?

… so you can be adequately prepared.

I am different from others (including so-called financial gurus), I am not just interested in keeping you informed and prepared, I am interested in having a positive and real impact by influencing public policy and our laws that advances the public interest.

But you cannot be prepared unless you are provided with an objective view, vs much of the misinformation and propaganda that now pervades our news and online platforms.

So what I would like to do today to make sure you are 100% happy and satisfied, so I am offering you a completely risk free trial.

This means you can join my
Adams Economics Membership
for a full 14 days to evaluate the quality and value of what you will receive, and if, and only if you are 100% satisfied we will refund your $12.39 first monthly payment.

Today’s Joining Bonus – I will Waive Your Joining Fee.

In addition if you join today I will waive our joining fee as an introductory offer to help you get started. This joining fee waiver is for our first 100 foundation members – please dont miss out.

NO Lock in Contracts – You Can Cancel at Anytime

Many membership sites try to lock you in and then make it hard for you to leave. I don’t do that. I would rather you stayed because you are happy and receiving value every month, by me helping you get the right information, take the right actions, and give you strategies to help protect your wealth and your family.

My Adams Economics members will never have to worry about that. If you are not happy you can cancel at any time.

It's Easy and It's Risk Free

  • No Joining Fee (limited time)
  • No lock in Contracts
  • 100% Value Guarantee
  • High Value Forward-Looking Education and Coaching to help protect you and your family
  • Practical Actions and Strategies to prepare you for what is coming


Join Adams Economics
Private Weekly Updates


$ 39 Monthly
Joining Fee:


  • The Monthly Dispatch eNewsletter

    6-7 pages each month of critical information and analysis on which to help you base your decisions
  • John Adams will be releasing a weeklynews wrap video every Saturday morning.

Private Weekly Economic Update

$ 12
Joining Fee:


  • Weekly Private update of key economic events
  • With a Weekly in-depth podcast private session update 30-45 minutes

What People who have already benefited from John Adams advice have to say…

Professional Economist

John Adams

John Adams is an internationally recognised independent professional economic and political analyst, freedom fighter and social provocateur. He has written on economic, political, cultural and public policy matters for a variety of news outlets including, the Daily Telegraph and the Canberra Times. He has also appeared on various international and Australian radio and TV platforms including Russia Today, Sky News and the ABC.

John is the executive producer and co-host of one of Australia’s leading economics and finance YouTube show – “In the Interests of the People”.

Various publications and platforms have written and spoken about John Adams including the Jerusalem Post, the UK Telegraph, the Indian Express, Sky News Australia, the ABC (Media Watch), the Australian Financial Review, the Australian, the Daily Mail Australia and

John has had a diverse career to date which includes being a former economic advisor to Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos, being a chief economist for a major Australian physical bullion dealership, a management consultant with a big four accounting firm, a public servant working for various Commonwealth and NSW Government Departments and agencies as well as a corporate director for several not-for-profit organisations.


  • Professional economist and public policy specialist for 24 years with deep political, media and commercial contacts and sources of information.
  • 100% Independent – no conflicts of interest which influences analysis.
  • Recognised both within Australia and internationally – including by the mainstream media (e.g., Daily Mail has published that John Adams is a top economist and expert).
  • Established track record of insightful economic analysis: has clear ability to translate complex information that non-professionals are able to understand.
  • Has deep political experience – is able to bring insights into how policy makers consider economic issues and how this will translate into public policy and real-world outcomes.
  • Strong testimonials from existing followers.
  • An advocate for the public interest with significant achievements:
    • Successfully led national campaign to stop the Morrison $10,000 cash transaction ban in 2019-20 – including testifying to the Senate Economics Committee;
    • Triggered an official section 13 ASIC investigation in 2022 after submission of 608 page file of evidence resulting from 9 month official investigation; and
    • Forced the Reserve Bank of Australia to become more transparent of its gold holdings through the creation of a new webpage.

Utilising his economic expertise, Adams has been able to position himself and his family into a strong financial position with flexibility and choices.

Adams as a result:

  • developed a property portfolio with zero debt;
  • developed significant financial buffers (savings and strong cash flow management) to withstand economic and market volatility;
  • developed a sizeable investment portfolio;
  • remains free of the COVID-19 vaccine (consistent with his health choice); and
  • avoided being duped by financial scams/ponzi scheme (including purchasing defective or incomplete real estate)


Success Milestones

Adams Economics Foresight


Warning of Record Household & Foreign Debt Bubbles


Warning of coming Economic Armageddon including STAGFLATION


  • Warning that the COVID-19 economic response was disproportionate to the health risks
  • Warning of rising property prices in 2020-21 and that stagflation has commenced
  • Warning that October 2022 federal budget would leave generations with mountains of public debt


  • Warning that Australian households were binging on debt again
  • Warning that stagflation would accelerate in 2021


2022 Outcomes (so far):
  • Record inflation and cost of living crisis (including rental crisis).
  • Record Australian household debt and mortgage stress.
  • Record levels of public sector debt.

Adams Political Foresight

On 10 June 2016, 3 weeks before the 2016 Australian Federal Election John Adams went public in both the Daily Telegraph and on the Drum on national TV (the ABC).

On these platforms, John Adams was the first in Australia to publicly forecast that if Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull won the election, he would be sacked afterwards and wouldn’t see out the full term.

Adams’ rationale was that Turnbull stood for nothing and he would tank in the polls. As a result, Turnbull would be sacked by his parliamentary colleagues.

Turnbull was dumped as Prime Minister on 24 August 2018, 9 months before the 2019 federal election.

Adams Investigative Reporter

In April 2021, John Adams became aware of an alleged white collar criminal conspiracy impacting thousands of Australians.

Becoming fascinated by the alleged conspiracy and with no investigative or legal background, Adams transformed himself overnight into a private eye opening his own investigation.

The Adams Investigation became a huge ordeal spanning 9 months and resulting in a direct cost of $AUD 50,000 involving lawyers, accountants, auditors, private investigators and consultants.

On 6 April 2022, John Adams submitted a 608 page report of alleged misconduct the Australian Securities and Investments Commission requesting an official investigation.

Despite only a 0.74% chance of success, ASIC confirmed on 27 July 2022 that an official investigation had commenced as a result of John Adams.

Influential Public Policy Analyst

In October 2022, John Adams achieve national headlines for the publication of his two original and provocative independent      reports (the “ADAMS REPORT”) into the handling of reports of alleged misconduct by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Adams was the first in Australia to conduct a 11-year longitudinal analysis of ASIC’s performance from July 2011 to June 2022.

The problems and trends identified in the Adams Report were so damning of ASIC’s performance that Adams called on the Federal Parliament to create a parliamentary inquiry to investigate. 

The Adams Report was so influential that the Australian Senate on 27 October 2022 created two independent parliamentary inquiries examining ASIC’s investigation and enforcement performance. 

These inquiries have triggered a chain reaction of activity across Australia from citizens who have horror stories to share of their experience with ASIC.

Adams Social Media Commentator

Adams Media Commentator

John Adams in the news